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Members Only Podcasts produced several times throughout the year that are available for download or online listening.  These are unique and exclusive podcasts for members only that are not published elsewhere. Coming soon: Members only webinars, online chats, and Skype group discussions.


Bonus Video #1 

Raise money for your idea or project that NEVER HAS TO BE PAID BACK. Learn how Christians are raising millions using online Crowdfunding.  In this instant video download Jim shows you step by step how to get started in only one week with your first campaign.

Includes an outline of the types of projects that can be launched through Crowdfunding. 


Bonus Video #2 

How to get hundreds of free channels on your TV using the Internet.  In this instant video download you will learn how to easily drop cable and save hundreds per year. Also, how Jim gets free home phone service for life and you can too.

These are two of Jim’s most popular money saving strategies and the video gives you all of the information you need to act on it today!


Bonus Video #3

How to save big on auto, homeowners, life insurance, and drop insurance you don’t need.  In this instant video download Jim even discusses the pros and cons of long term care and disability insurance.

Key concepts such as how to structure your insurance policies to get the most for your money, when it makes sense to become self insured, how to use higher deductibles to slash premiums and more.



Bonus Video #4

In this 3 1/2 hour instant download Jim gives you a complete overview of Bitcoin and why many Christians believe it may represent an end times currency that could thwart the Mark Of The Beast.

Learn how to safely and anonymously buy Bitcoins to position yourself for a possible future collapse of the U.S. Dollar. Video also includes how to get free Bitcoins using your computer as a ‘Bitcoin Miner.’

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Bonus Video #5

On this two hour video, Jim Paris and Bob Yetman go through the step by step method that they used for years to rebuild hundreds of clients’ credit scores. As partners in a mortgage firm they counseled people with recent bankruptcies, foreclosures, and all manner of damaged credit. This video outlines exactly what you can do to raise your score 100 points in just 100 days. Based on their bestseller. 


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Bonus Video #6

On this two hour video, Jim Paris and Bob Yetman provide one of the most complete overviews on budgeting that you will find anywhere. Low tech and high tech budgeting options, software, and worksheets. The most common budget mistakes. The pros and cons of integrating your budget system with your other financial accounts. Cloud based options vs. desktop software and much more.  



Bonus Video #7 

On this two hour and 40 minute video, Jim Paris and Bob Yetman provide a resource you will not find anywhere on a topic that no one wants to discuss – What To Do When You Can’t Pay Your Bills.  Finally a resource for those that are going through a financial crisis and need to understand what to do to survive until their financial situation improves.  



Bonus Video #8

On this two part video (total running time approx 75 minutes), Jim Paris and Robert Yetman share how to search for lost money. This video covers nationwide searches, state by state, federal search strategies, and even how to locate lost life insurance policies.  



buyahouseBonus Video #9            

We are very excited to make available this 2 hour and 30 minute video sharing our decades of experience in real estate investing and counseling. This video starts with answering the question, Who Should Buy A House? We also cover in detail some aspects of the process that most never discuss. How much house can you really afford? Also, the stunning differences in housing prices in different parts of the United States, and even within a given metro area. Should you use a real estate agent, or go it alone buying a for sale by owner? How much should you offer? What is a house really worth and how do you determine a fair value? Why getting advice from friends and family on your home purchase can be dangerous. Why building a home is not usually a good deal, and much more! Do not even think about buying your first or next home without watching this video. 



Special Bonus Reports Jim’s Most Explosive Bonus Reports Ever Produced

*** These Reports Are Exclusive To This Site & Not Available Anywhere Else

  • How To Legally Opt Out Of Obamacare With Christian Medical Sharing
  • Lost Money: Get Your Share Of $50 Billion In Unclaimed Funds
  • Legally Get Hundreds Of Free And Low Cost TV Channels Without Cable TV
  • Stop Google From Spying On You Online and Offline



Special Bonus Report #5Emergency Quick Cash (more than 100 ways to raise money fast)

Let’s face it, we all get into emergency situations where we simply need some fast cash.  Do you need money right now? The most complete list of ways to raise fast cash you will find anywhere! A truly amazing and comprehensive list of ways to get the money you need RIGHT AWAY.


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