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Another Option – Combine Basic Cable With Roku

Most cable providers are required (as part of their agreement with the local city) to offer a stripped down basic cable package. This is mostly the local channels, but in some cases it offers quite a bit more than that. In my community this package sells for about $25 per month and while it is mostly the local channels, there are others like WGN, C-SPAN,  and Brighthouse Sports Network included.

The idea here is that if you don’t want to get a digital antenna to pick up your local stations (or you are too far out of range for that to work), you can drop down to the most basic cable package and then supplement it with ROKU. This will still save you probably more than 50% from what you are likely paying now. For sports fans, this also gives you a means of picking up many of your local sports events.

Make the phone call and get the list of channels for the most basic package and you will be able to quickly determine if this resolves any programming dilemmas for your family.

James L. Paris
ChristianMoneyPlus Co-Founder

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