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Sweeping New Changes For The World Of Credit And Credit Bureaus

March 11, 2015

On this episode of the podcast Jim Paris and Bob Yetman discuss a new proposal called the Student Loan Bill Of Rights, also what discount real estate agents might make sense based on your circumstances, and some major changes coming to the world of credit reporting and credit bureaus. 

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Podcast: Prepaid Cell Phones & Tax Preparation

February 25, 2015 Podcast

Jim shares the latest on his decision to drop AT&T cell phone plan to go with a Virgin prepaid account. What salary does it take to buy a home in America’s largest cities? Why has Jim Paris gone 100% to cash and sold his stock investments? And IRS audit rates are at a 10 year low, how should this affect your tax preparation this year?

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Podcast: New Embezzlement Method

February 4 2015 Podcast

On this episode – new method of embezzlement has rogue employees creating phantom credit card refunds, can you remove a judgment from your credit file?, business credit cards and how they affect your credit score, and why money remains the chief source of stress for most Americans.

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Podcast: Saving on Engagement Rings

November 26 Podcast

On this episode – Spending less on an engagement ring may be better for your marriage. Plane fares continue to rise while costs continue to drop. Six steps to dealing with financial bullies.

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Podcast: Social Media Stocks

November 5 Podcast

On this episode – Are for-profit college degrees worth it? Is investing in social media stocks a good idea? How scammers are using technology to deceive people and does it make sense to pay your bills in advance to create a financial cushion?

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Budget Mastery Workshop

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2 Hour Credit Repair Workshop

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Podcast: Binge Saving For Retirement

September 25 Podcast

On this episode – binge saving for retirement, standing up to financial bullies, what people will give up to accumulate $1 million dollars, and an update on Facebook stock.

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Podcast: Protect Yourself From Bank Hacking

August 28 Podcast

On this episode – Russian hackers access thousands of U.S. bank accounts, what can you do to protect yourself? What companies and industries offer the best 401k plans? New digital currency platform provides easy way to set up multiple currency portfolio. What high corporate tax rates mean to you, a case study of Burger King’s plans of moving its corporate operations to Canada.

Another Option – Combine Basic Cable With Roku

Most cable providers are required (as part of their agreement with the local city) to offer a stripped down basic cable package. This is mostly the local channels, but in some cases it offers quite a bit more than that. In my community this package sells for about $25 per month and while it is mostly the local channels, there are others like WGN, C-SPAN,  and Brighthouse Sports Network included.

The idea here is that if you don’t want to get a digital antenna to pick up your local stations (or you are too far out of range for that to work), you can drop down to the most basic cable package and then supplement it with ROKU. This will still save you probably more than 50% from what you are likely paying now. For sports fans, this also gives you a means of picking up many of your local sports events.

Make the phone call and get the list of channels for the most basic package and you will be able to quickly determine if this resolves any programming dilemmas for your family.

James L. Paris
ChristianMoneyPlus Co-Founder

Can The Sports Fanatic Finally Drop Cable?

I get several e mails each week (usually from wives) wanting to implement my strategy on dropping cable/satellite. They love the idea, and it can mean a huge savings of $1,000 or more per year for an average family. If you want to drop cable/satellite, don’t miss our comprehensive special report on this topic. I watch my favorite shows on Fox News, my wife watches all of her favorites like Dancing With The Stars, all without cable or satellite.

There is one huge problem: sports programming. This is a major deal breaker, and is the number one reason that so many people stay plugged in to cable and satellite. There was some very big news this summer that may be a game changer for sports fans that want to unplug. The NFL Sunday Ticket, long associated exclusively with a required subscription to DirecTV, is now available a la carte (depending on where you live).


A new option will allow individuals to buy the NFL Sunday Ticket (without a DirecTV subscription) if they live at an address that can not accommodate a satellite dish. An example of this would be an apartment building or a college dormitory, but there would be other scenarios (such as a residence with an obstruction that prevents the use of a dish). This will be nearly impossible to police, and I believe will quickly lead to anyone being able to access this package a la carte. How many people can simply use the address of a friend that lives in an apartment (or their kids dorm address)? What about an office address? In my own case, I could use the address of the marina where I keep my boat.

No Roku Yet, But There Are Other Options

There are a number of compatible computer, phone, and tablet devices; if you want to get the game on your big screen TV, you will be able to do so using a Playstation 3/4 or an Xbox 360/One. As far as we know at this point, Chromecast and Apple AirPlay are not compatible (it is widely expected, however, that compatibility will be soon expanded to include these and a wide array of other devices).

Keep in mind that the NFL Sunday Ticket provides access only to ‘out of market games.’ This is ideal if you live in Florida and follow the Chicago Bears, but not if you do the same and live in Chicago. Broadcasting of local NFL games will vary by city. In most locations, you can simply grab an inexpensive digital antenna and get your games over the air for free.

Roku Sports Subscription Packages

Major League Baseball

National Hockey League NHL

Other Sports Channels On Roku

I am not a big sports fan, but I see an ever-increasing number of Roku channels in the category of sports. It is important to read the fine print as some channels require a subscription. Other channels are free but can only be accessed if you have an existing account with a major cable provider, etc.. In many cases, a sports viewing package will exclude home games. One nice development to mention is the recent addition of NFL Now on Roku for just $1.99 monthly. You can follow up to three teams and gain access to the largest archive of NFL videos available anywhere.


There are so many variables here, my best advice is to personally research what is possible based on the sports teams you want to follow. I am convinced that within three to five years all of this nonsense will be resolved and people will be able to pick and choose what they want to subscribe to without all of these archaic restrictions.

James L. Paris
ChristianMoneyPlus Co-Founder

Podcast: New Options For Low Interest Rate Loans

August 13 Podcast

On this episode – the return of the subprime mortgage. New options for loan interest rate loans to pay off credit cards, how one couple underpaid their mortgage by just 70 cents and ended up in a financial nightmare, and the importance of properly designating IRA beneficiaries.

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Secret Bitcoin Project Revealed

Regular readers will know that I have been very excited about Bitcoin for some time now. Part of my Bitcoin enthusiasm has been channeled into trying to find the ‘next Bitcoin.’ Up until Tuesday of this week, I considered the only real runner-up to Bitcoin to be Ripple XRP. As a result, we have been giving away Ripple to our new subscribers. We have also been providing substantial education and support on how to use the Ripple platform to buy Ripple XRP, Bitcoin, and other digital currencies.

Earlier this week, on one of the news feeds that I follow, I became aware of a new digital currency that appears to also have a real shot at becoming another Bitcoin. So, you can now put two currencies on the list of my most promising up-and-comers – the new kid on the block is Stellar.

What is Stellar?

Stellar is a new decentralized digital currency, being backed by some of the biggest players in the business. You will already find the currency trading under the symbol STR on a number of digital currency platforms. The big ‘backstory’ here is the name Jed McCaleb. McCaleb is the guy that founded the MT Gox Bitcoin trading platform and also Ripple XRP. Caleb sold MT Gox and it was about a year after he left that the exchange collapsed. After co-founding Ripple Labs, McCaleb left the company in 2013. Until just recently, Stellar was simply known as ‘The Secret Bitcoin Project.’ The currency start-up has been funded by Stripe (a PayPal like payment platform).

It is also interesting to note some of the other very impressive names on the board of Stellar, including former PayPal executive Keith Rabois, YCombinator partner Sam Altman, Automattic CEO Matt Mullenweg, and AngelList co-founder Naval Ravikan.

What makes it different than Ripple?

There are quite a few similarities here between Ripple XRP and Stellar, but there is one huge difference: 95% of the Stellar currency is being given away to get it out into people’s hands. This is a very big deal, and, if you have a Facebook account, you can get your free Stellars (as well as help anyone you know with a Facebook account to get their free Stellars, too).

Here is how it works –

1. Go to the Stellar website.

2. Scroll to the very bottom of the page and click on ‘Get Your Stellars.’

3. Select a username and password to open up your virtual wallet.

4. Log in with your Facebook account.

The amount that you receive may vary, but in my case I was given 500 Stellars. My understanding is that they have been strategically lowering the amount they are giving away as the demand increases. As of the date of this article, the 500 amount is still good. The news on this is breaking by the minute. As a CMC Plus subscriber, we will keep you up to date on developments.

James L. Paris
ChristianMoneyPlus Co-Founder

Podcast: Advanced Crowdfunding

July 24 Podcast

On this podcast we would suggest that you also watch the webinar on crowdfunding in the webinar area of the site as well. Consider this episode an advanced discussion on crowdfunding, including how to pick the right funding platform for your project, the legal pitfalls of crowdfunding and how to avoid them, adn Christian vs. secular crowdfunding.

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Podcast: Paying Your Mortgage Out Of Retirement Savings

June 12 Podcast

Understanding the cost of living in a new city before you move. Getting more engaged in your own health and wellness. What it makes sense to pay your mortgage payments out of a retirement account. Do you have a financial survival kit?

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