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Can The Sports Fanatic Finally Drop Cable?

I get several e mails each week (usually from wives) wanting to implement my strategy on dropping cable/satellite. They love the idea, and it can mean a huge savings of $1,000 or more per year for an average family. If you want to drop cable/satellite, don’t miss our comprehensive special report on this topic. I watch my favorite shows on Fox News, my wife watches all of her favorites like Dancing With The Stars, all without cable or satellite.

There is one huge problem: sports programming. This is a major deal breaker, and is the number one reason that so many people stay plugged in to cable and satellite. There was some very big news this summer that may be a game changer for sports fans that want to unplug. The NFL Sunday Ticket, long associated exclusively with a required subscription to DirecTV, is now available a la carte (depending on where you live).


A new option will allow individuals to buy the NFL Sunday Ticket (without a DirecTV subscription) if they live at an address that can not accommodate a satellite dish. An example of this would be an apartment building or a college dormitory, but there would be other scenarios (such as a residence with an obstruction that prevents the use of a dish). This will be nearly impossible to police, and I believe will quickly lead to anyone being able to access this package a la carte. How many people can simply use the address of a friend that lives in an apartment (or their kids dorm address)? What about an office address? In my own case, I could use the address of the marina where I keep my boat.

No Roku Yet, But There Are Other Options

There are a number of compatible computer, phone, and tablet devices; if you want to get the game on your big screen TV, you will be able to do so using a Playstation 3/4 or an Xbox 360/One. As far as we know at this point, Chromecast and Apple AirPlay are not compatible (it is widely expected, however, that compatibility will be soon expanded to include these and a wide array of other devices).

Keep in mind that the NFL Sunday Ticket provides access only to ‘out of market games.’ This is ideal if you live in Florida and follow the Chicago Bears, but not if you do the same and live in Chicago. Broadcasting of local NFL games will vary by city. In most locations, you can simply grab an inexpensive digital antenna and get your games over the air for free.

Roku Sports Subscription Packages

Major League Baseball

National Hockey League NHL

Other Sports Channels On Roku

I am not a big sports fan, but I see an ever-increasing number of Roku channels in the category of sports. It is important to read the fine print as some channels require a subscription. Other channels are free but can only be accessed if you have an existing account with a major cable provider, etc.. In many cases, a sports viewing package will exclude home games. One nice development to mention is the recent addition of NFL Now on Roku for just $1.99 monthly. You can follow up to three teams and gain access to the largest archive of NFL videos available anywhere.


There are so many variables here, my best advice is to personally research what is possible based on the sports teams you want to follow. I am convinced that within three to five years all of this nonsense will be resolved and people will be able to pick and choose what they want to subscribe to without all of these archaic restrictions.

James L. Paris
ChristianMoneyPlus Co-Founder

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