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Sweeping New Changes For The World Of Credit And Credit Bureaus

March 11, 2015

On this episode of the podcast Jim Paris and Bob Yetman discuss a new proposal called the Student Loan Bill Of Rights, also what discount real estate agents might make sense based on your circumstances, and some major changes coming to the world of credit reporting and credit bureaus. 

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Podcast: New Embezzlement Method

February 4 2015 Podcast

On this episode – new method of embezzlement has rogue employees creating phantom credit card refunds, can you remove a judgment from your credit file?, business credit cards and how they affect your credit score, and why money remains the chief source of stress for most Americans.

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Podcast: The New Obama MyRA

The new Obama MyRA, making sense of credit card rewards programs, dollar cost averaging in today’s market, and the explosion of opportunities in affiliate marketing.

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Podcast: The Role Of Psychology In Investment Success

The role of psychology in investment success. How to fire your financial adviser. How to avoid affinity scams. Is your credit score affecting your love life?

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Podcast: How Long Can A Negative Item Stay On Your Credit Bureau Report?

How long can a negative item stay on your credit bureau report?  How many years before a debt is no longer legally owed?  What does the number of young adults now living at home tell us? The challenge of long-term unemployment and how to overcome it.

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