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Podcast: Advanced Crowdfunding

July 24 Podcast

On this podcast we would suggest that you also watch the webinar on crowdfunding in the webinar area of the site as well. Consider this episode an advanced discussion on crowdfunding, including how to pick the right funding platform for your project, the legal pitfalls of crowdfunding and how to avoid them, adn Christian vs. secular crowdfunding.

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More Christians Turning To CrowdFunding

I just read an article a couple of weeks back about Christian filmmaker Darren Wilson raising over $350,000 to produce the film Holy Ghost. One of our readers sent me a link to an article about Christian artist Carman raising over $500,000 using Kickstarter. Carmello Licciardello, known by his stage name ‘Carman,’ was recently diagnosed with cancer in February. Nonetheless, he is not allowing that to stop him from launching a major tour and using Kickstarter as the funding mechanism.

More and more Christians are using so called crowdfunding and we just became aware of a Christian based service similar to Kickstarter called FaithLauncher.

I can also recommend The Kickstarter Handbook, by Don Steinberg.  Don was a guest just recently on my live Sunday night show and has a lot of great information on this topic.

James L. Paris
ChristianMoneyPlus Co-Founder