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Podcast: Prepaid Cell Phones & Tax Preparation

February 25, 2015 Podcast

Jim shares the latest on his decision to drop AT&T cell phone plan to go with a Virgin prepaid account. What salary does it take to buy a home in America’s largest cities? Why has Jim Paris gone 100% to cash and sold his stock investments? And IRS audit rates are at a 10 year low, how should this affect your tax preparation this year?

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Podcast: New Embezzlement Method

February 4 2015 Podcast

On this episode – new method of embezzlement has rogue employees creating phantom credit card refunds, can you remove a judgment from your credit file?, business credit cards and how they affect your credit score, and why money remains the chief source of stress for most Americans.

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Podcast: Saving on Engagement Rings

November 26 Podcast

On this episode – Spending less on an engagement ring may be better for your marriage. Plane fares continue to rise while costs continue to drop. Six steps to dealing with financial bullies.

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Podcast: Protect Yourself From Bank Hacking

August 28 Podcast

On this episode – Russian hackers access thousands of U.S. bank accounts, what can you do to protect yourself? What companies and industries offer the best 401k plans? New digital currency platform provides easy way to set up multiple currency portfolio. What high corporate tax rates mean to you, a case study of Burger King’s plans of moving its corporate operations to Canada.

Podcast: The End of Barnes & Noble

The end of Barnes & Noble? Is now the time to invest in muni bonds? Is Twitter stock finished? Will Amazon put local grocery stores out of business?

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Podcast: The New Obama MyRA

The new Obama MyRA, making sense of credit card rewards programs, dollar cost averaging in today’s market, and the explosion of opportunities in affiliate marketing.

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Podcast: Should The Minimum Wage Be Increased?

Should the minimum wage be increased?  Why are we hearing of so many financial scams within the Christian community? Is there marriage inequality? Fiverr a new way to make and save money.

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