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Podcast: Prepaid Cell Phones & Tax Preparation

February 25, 2015 Podcast

Jim shares the latest on his decision to drop AT&T cell phone plan to go with a Virgin prepaid account. What salary does it take to buy a home in America’s largest cities? Why has Jim Paris gone 100% to cash and sold his stock investments? And IRS audit rates are at a 10 year low, how should this affect your tax preparation this year?

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Podcast: New Embezzlement Method

February 4 2015 Podcast

On this episode – new method of embezzlement has rogue employees creating phantom credit card refunds, can you remove a judgment from your credit file?, business credit cards and how they affect your credit score, and why money remains the chief source of stress for most Americans.

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Podcast: Saving on Engagement Rings

November 26 Podcast

On this episode – Spending less on an engagement ring may be better for your marriage. Plane fares continue to rise while costs continue to drop. Six steps to dealing with financial bullies.

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Budget Mastery Workshop

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Podcast: Paying Your Mortgage Out Of Retirement Savings

June 12 Podcast

Understanding the cost of living in a new city before you move. Getting more engaged in your own health and wellness. What it makes sense to pay your mortgage payments out of a retirement account. Do you have a financial survival kit?

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