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Credit Repair Letters

Sample Letters for Use in the Effort to Correct Common Problems with Credit Reports

Including sample “Cease and Desist” letter for use with creditors and collection agencies

Disclaimer: The following sample letters are just those, samples, and any reasonable person understands that they may be of little or no value if not appropriately tailored by the user to accurately reflect his or her own situation. Furthermore, Christian Money Plus, nor any associated person or entity of Christian Money Plus, will accept any responsibility of any kind for the manner in which you choose to utilize these sample letters.

While the following sample letters are thought to be accurate at the time of creation, laws change, so you need to be diligent in checking your own state laws. The Federal Trade

Commission offers additional resources in credit and collection issues. The FTC’s official website is located at ftc.gov and offers free consumer resources.

These sample letters are not intended to represent, nor should be construed as, legal advice of any kind. On that note, do not let these sample letters replace your need for an attorney, if you deem that to be warranted in your situation. We cannot provide you with any legal advice, and we do not operate as a law firm or attorney group. If you have legal questions, you should always consult with an attorney.

Any efforts by you to attempt to repair your own credit are at your discretion and entirely at your own risk. These sample letters serve only as general education materials; no credit repair is provided for anyone.