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More Christians Turning To CrowdFunding

I just read an article a couple of weeks back about Christian filmmaker Darren Wilson raising over $350,000 to produce the film Holy Ghost. One of our readers sent me a link to an article about Christian artist Carman raising over $500,000 using Kickstarter. Carmello Licciardello, known by his stage name ‘Carman,’ was recently diagnosed with cancer in February. Nonetheless, he is not allowing that to stop him from launching a major tour and using Kickstarter as the funding mechanism.

More and more Christians are using so called crowdfunding and we just became aware of a Christian based service similar to Kickstarter called FaithLauncher.

I can also recommend The Kickstarter Handbook, by Don Steinberg.  Don was a guest just recently on my live Sunday night show and has a lot of great information on this topic.

James L. Paris
ChristianMoneyPlus Co-Founder

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