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Why I Dumped The PlayOn Plug-In For My Roku

playonI recently discovered an add-on service for my Roku called PlayOn.  The service, as described, appeared to offer a robust set of new channels I could add to my Roku for only $25 per year or $49 lifetime.  The problem is that most of the channels require subscriptions or for me to already be a cable TV subscriber (which I am not).  In the end, I decided to cancel the service and request a refund.

I was most disappointed with the weak customer service response when I inquired if I was missing something on my perception about their channel line up.  I get two boilerplate e mail replies that appeared to be computer generated.

The bottom line is that PlayOn does not really add much if anything to what you can get without it from other free sources.  My advice; save your money.

James L. Paris
ChristianMoneyPlus Co-Founder




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